BEKO Pro ASDM241PX American-Style Fridge Freezer - Brushed Steel

BEKO Pro ASDM241PX American-Style Fridge Freezer - Brushed Steel

Product features

  • 179 x 91 x 72 cm (H x W x D)
  • Fridge: 364 litres / Freezer: 190 litres
  • No need to defrost with frost free technology
  • Water dispenser (no plumbing required)
  • Food freshness feature to keep your fruit and veg fresh


Top features: 

- Cool and refreshing water on tap, with no plumbing required 

- Fresher food and faster cooling with two separate systems 

- Chrome wire wine rack offers convenient storage space 

- Freeze your food quicker with the fast-freeze setting 

Cool and refreshing water

You can enjoy a glass of cool and refreshing water any time you want, with the Beko ASDM241PX American-Style Fridge Freezer's handy built-in water dispenser. There's no plumbing involved, so it's easy to maintain.

The slimline tank holds 2 litres of water.

Fresher food and faster cooling

The Beko ASDM241 Fridge Freezer has two separate systems for cooling and freezing, and both use NeoFrost technology to cool food faster and keep it fresh longer. There's also a dry environment in the freezer, so the only place you'll get a build-up of ice is where you want it - in the ice cube tray.

Air flow cooling provides even temperatures across every shelf, helping to avoid warm spots.

Chrome wire wine rack

The chrome wire wine rack gives you a handy storage space for all your bottles (not just wine). In fact, there's room for up to five 2 litre soft drink bottles on it. With all those big bottles stored away safely, you'll have extra space on your fridge shelves for more groceries.

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