SAMSUNG RS3000 RS52N3313WW/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer

SAMSUNG RS3000 RS52N3313WW/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer

- Total no frost prevents ice build-up 

- Even cooling increases energy efficiency 

- Water dispenser provides filtered water 

- Power Freeze will freeze new food quickly 

- Handy features help with saving energy 

Total no frost

Ice forming in the freezer is a bother to clean out, and uses up space that was reserved for ice-creams. The Samsung RS3000 RS52N3313WW/EU American-Style Fridge Freezer doesn't form frost, so you won't need a chisel to get through to your tasty treats.

Even cooling

Carefully positioned vents around the interior walls of the RS52N3313WW/EU keep the air circulating. This keeps every shelf at the same temperature, helping food stay fresher for longer.

The compressor is what keeps fridges cool. This one is adaptive, changing how much energy it's using depending on how much chill it needs to apply.

Water dispenser

Get the refreshing taste of filtered water without the need to hook your fridge into your plumbing. The RS52N3313WW/EU will filter and chill the water – the perfect beverage for a hot day.

Power Freeze

Adding new food to the freezer can bring in warmth that causes nearby food to begin defrosting. With the Power Freeze feature, the appliance creates an extra chill to freeze the new food before it can affect any others.

Handy features

Leaving the door open for too long allows warm air to slip in and start ruining your yoghurt. If you're busy in the kitchen and don't quite close the door all the way, a warning will sound to alert you to the escaping cold.

You want to save energy by powering down the RS52N3313/EU when you're away for a fortnight, but you don't want items in the freezer to defrost while you're not there. Switch on Holiday Mode, and the fresh food section of the fridge will power down. You'll save on power bills without losing what's stocked in the freezer.

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