SAMSUNG RS53K4400SA American-Style Fridge Freezer - Silver

SAMSUNG RS53K4400SA American-Style Fridge Freezer - Silver

Top features:

- Great conditions for your food with Twin Cooling Plus 

- Chilled drinks on tap using the water and ice dispenser 

- No more defrosting thanks to frost free technology 

- Find what you want quickly with internal LED lighting 

Great conditions for your food

Keeping your food fresher for longer saves time and money on shopping trips, and keeps wastage down to a minimum. The Samsung RS53K4400SA does this with Twin Cooling Plus, which controls temperatures and maintains optimum humidity in the fridge and freezer compartments via two separate air flows.

Cooling air on each shelf provides steady temperatures to keep food safely chilled and preserved. Fresh produce stays crunchy and nutritious, and smells don't transfer between items, so everything tastes great.

Chilled drinks on tap

Pour yourself an ice cold glass of water or chill drinks using the water and ice dispenser. It generates cubed ice, so you can cool down a glass of soda. Smooth touch controls make dispensing ice and water effortless.

Inside the freezer there's an ice maker that allows you to scoop up cubes for easy drinks chilling. It's ideal for entertaining – since the fridge freezer's plumbed, you'll have ice and water available at all times.

No more defrosting

Automatic fridge defrosting and a frost-free freezer save you the hassle and mess of manual defrosting. Get on with things you'd rather be doing and enjoy a clean, clear refrigerator.

A constant temperature throughout the appliance keeps perishables fresh and nutritious while preventing frost and ice build-up. It also helps improve energy efficiency and durability.

Find what you want quickly

You'll be able to find the things you need any time as tower LED lighting brilliantly illuminates both compartments without taking up valuable storage space.

Keep an eye on fridge and freezer temperatures using the external LED display, with touch controls for easy adjustments – it also lets you set Holiday Mode for when you want to run the appliance cost-effectively while you're away. A child lock prevents accidental changes to settings.

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